Abstract painting allows me to free my mind to see what is there - hidden, subtle, and obvious patterns of how life perpetuates itself through pattern.

Ditema is the traditional mural painting with specific rules Basotho women follow to beautify their homes inside and out. I was inspired by it and followed the formula to create acrylic on canvas and board pieces. I digitalized, copied and pasted Hearts, and came up with textiles that are reminiscent of West African textiles. I hope that the Basotho (Sotho People) of Lesotho and South Africa will keep this - our tradition alive, and that my small contribution here.

My abstract "painterly" style is a meditation on the chaos of life and how living things are not machines, but biological entities that go through cycles - the exact same ones as those of their own species. However, because of environmental factors, their own species they interact with, as well as others - no two trees, or animals or insects are the same. The paint is life interacting with the life around it, and every time, something new and unexpected is born.


Artist's Statement



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