Inonge's artistic influences include Romare Bearden, Mishu, Varnette Honeywood, African hair salon mural and billboard art, and Picasso. Her artistic Philosophy is that "Life is art, art is life, and attention to art makes life worth living." Insights and Techniques Inonge employs include acrylic on canvas, wood and artboard, watercolors and india inks on paper, and collage. When painting on fablic, Inonge uses acrylics by creating a smooth surface first with a palette knife. Inonge would like most to accomplish with her art: to share her joy, delight and wonder at being alive.

Inonge grew up in a household filled with very old bronzes from Benin, traditional wooden sculptures and tapestries, and beaded jewelry alongside paintings by contemporary African artists. Everyone in the family played piano, at least, except for her, but she threw her creative instincts into painting and drawing, wanting to make something as inspiring as what was on the walls around her.

Artist's Statement:

I draw what I see in my mind and I draw what I see in front of me. Art is meditation, peace and renewal. It helps me to document my thoughts, tell stories, and sometimes even sort out problems and answer questions. My approach is simple. My wish is that people are moved and it causes them to think, dream, or simply want to make art for themselves.


She and her sister were born in Zambia and lived in Botswana, then Nigeria, where their brother was born. Nigeria, the place of her first memories, has a rich culture with many festivals throughout the year. When her family moved to Lesotho when she was five, she couldn't believe the world could be so drab (it was winter), but when Spring returned, she was back to her old self.

Inonge earned her BFA Howard University major in Studio Art, and minored in Graphic Design and Art History, Multimedia Specialist Certification, User Experience Design Certification from General Assembly. Education
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting, Minored in Art History and Graphic Design
Howard University, Washington, DC
Graduated Cum Laude

Over the decades, Inonge has freelanced in design, web design and user experience design. ,


Artist's Statement



EMAIL: inonge@inonge.com

PHONE: +1 (512) 779 6556