Muse’s Dues

Give your muse its dues. Don’t you agree it’s about time?

When was the last time you… yes you made a work of art? Has it been years, even decades?

How many of the pieces of original art grace your walls were made by you?

I am offering you… yes you an amazing, refreshing, fun, relaxing, exciting art production experience. You will walk away with a happy memory to draw upon for the rest of your life, and a physical thing of beauty you made to hang on your wall, look at and feel happy every time you see it.

You and your muse with thank each other.

“Who is this muse anyway, and what’s the big deal?” You might be asking yourself.

Your muse,

  • inspiration
  • guiding spirit
  • the thoughts you become absorbed in
  • helps you consider and say things with thoughtfulness
  • whispers to you to take action and make a beautiful thing happen

Are you a little shy about spending time with your muse because it’s been so long?
I will re-introduce you to each other and facilitate the two of you producing a thing of beauty.

A little embarrassed about neglecting your muse because of the busyness of life?
I will help you make up for lost time. Just leave it to me.

Think you’re “not good at art” because of something silly that was said to you a long time ago? Hmph! They just didn’t know what they were saying.

It’s time to express yourself!

This is my offer:

A private studio session in your home where you complete a painting in three stages. You will experience making art in your own space and know it’s possible because you’ve done it. No more “But I don’t have a studio!” We will roll up our sleeves and get to work.

Stage One – Gather reference materials of the things in life that inspire you.

Stage Two – Prep your space to eliminate distractions and protect your belongings from “paint damage”.

Stage Three – As you create, you will learn the principles of art (composition, balance, texture rhythm, pattern, color theory…) in such a fun and relaxed way, you won’t feel like you are learning some really deep stuff.

During the session, I will help you find your style, voice and expression by tuning in to your muse.

$100 for 1 hour – a bargain

$175 for 2 hours – a great bargain and with more time comes more depth

$250 for 3 hours – best bargain, and most in-depth and richest experience and results

Perhaps by now because of who much I have written, you can tell that I am passionate and excited about this and could easily go on forever. I could wax lyrical about what art means to me, and how many times it gave me the joy and strength to overcome the insurmountable. Because art does this for me… and we are all the same… surely it does that for others. I am honored to facilitate.

Time is doing its thing, so I’ll wrap up this message just now by asking you to:

Think about the last time you watched a really good movie, read a book, listened to the same song for days because you just couldn’t get enough. Weren’t you being a consumer of products that brought you value (happiness, inspiration, a trip down memory lane, pleasure)?

Imagine your elation and satisfaction as you and your muse produce a work of art that brings value (happiness, inspiration, a trip down memory lane, pleasure) to you, your family and your guests.

Isn’t it time for both of you to indulge in a little creative production of your own? Think on it.

Isn’t it time to give your muse its dues?

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