My Figurative Works are on Display at Monkey Nest!

For the month of May,

Six of my figurative works are on display at The Money Nest Organic Coffee & Bakery here in Austin.

I am nervous/excited because this is the first time these of my works are on display and I have no idea what the reception will be. However, I do know that they go fantastic with the decor.

I could easily live in Monkey Nest Coffee. It’s beautiful; warm; has good quality furniture; a private room in the back you can reserve for meetings and such; really good music (including live music); tasty fare; and so are the teas and coffees… I could really, really live there. It’s a hoppin’ place, so that could take care of my social life, too. I could go on and on, but if you haven’t yet, you must experience it for yourself. My art on display has given you another reason.

And… it’s owned by Koros and Felora Derakhshani, two of the most fabulous, generous, beautiful people I’ve known who embody 100% service to humanity.

Thank you Monkey Nest, for this opportunity!

The Monkey Nest
Organic Coffee & Bakery
5353 Burnet Road
Austin, TX 78756
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