Art Saved My Life

June 01, 2012 2 Comments

Art did save my life. Many times.

“My life” refers to the quality of my life. The quality of my experience of myself in life. Whenever I’m down, I know that often, just a doodle will do. And to paint a big painting? …. Oh WOW!

We all have challenges. Disappointments… failures… struggles… loss… Not one of us is immune. These experiences are part of the package. Some of us are born into more challenging situations than others, and some of us make choices that land us in bad places. Most of us are doing the best we can – pursuing our dreams and dealing with Murphy’s Law along the way. Things happen in the world that are beyond our control, but affect us and our loved ones. Often, our struggles are self-imposed because of what we feed our minds and bodies.

In the midst of the yuck of life, we each have the ability to bring ourselves back to balance and experience joy and peace, even if our circumstances aren’t what we want.

That’s why I say that art saved my life. Making art has always pulled me through the tough times and given me strength to persevere because

making art is meditation:
slowed breathing
intense focus
right brain fully engaged
held breath (to steady hand)
lost sense of time
deep relaxation

I met a friend of a friend the other day by the pool. I told him I’ve been meditating a lot lately. He said he doesn’t need to do that and never has. He paints.

“Yes! Of course. I could have said that.” I thought.

Well, now I am. Because it is important.

If everyone made just a little art here and there…

We would solve more problems creatively and constructively, and generally be more happy and content.

That is the value of art.

Art Saves Lifes